KeyCode Pro is excited to introduce the VST (vehicle security technician) certification course. This low cost certification program will validate the recovery agency’s ability to generate working keys without damage to the vehicle which reduces the sale price and is the #1 reason lenders do not allow recovery agencies to make keys for vehicles they recover. This certification will soon be required by some lenders. The course is web-based and will cover key cutting, key programming, vehicle entry and much more.

All courses are specifically designed to prepare the student for VST certification testing, job advancement or professional development. The VST certification is a program designed specifically for recovery industry professionals.


Learn Transponder systems starting in 1996, programming procedures, key blanks and tools for most transponder-equipped vehicles in North America. This will include the newest procedures and key blanks for newest models. Learn about the CAN Systems and new PROX systems as well as laptop based programming options for some vehicles. Includes info mat ion on programming and troubleshooting: GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and VW/Audi.

Professional Auto Entry

Learn all about reference material on where to find important information and it’s proper use. Identify the 3 basic areas of attack: lock cylinder types, linkage styles, as well as certain latch styles. Identify tools, their classification, proper use and methodology. Learn the proper and safe techniques using wedges, lights and long reach devices and jaking systems. Learn about high security flip picks, overlifters, rocker keys, marshall keys, jiggler keys and more! This is an easy yet comprehensive course designed to give you the knowledge and tools necessary for entry into all vehicles without damage.